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C SOCIETY Agency was created as an extension of our company LULU UNLIMITED INC. We help build Luxury Cannabis Brands from inception to execution including experiential events, retail and distribution.

C SOCIETY Magazine

As a company that has been publishing for over 20 years, we have started a new luxury digital publication called C SOCIETY Magazine. We feature premium Cannabis Brands, Infused Food + Chefs, Influencers, Travel and more. C SOCIETY Agency is distributed to Hotels by the MELO Group.

Origin house events


We have worked with various clients in every industry from the government to the entertainment industry; as well as tobacco, spirit & beer brands, fashion & business development of new brands, etc. Some brands we have worked with include Stoli Vodka and Heineken, in addition to tobacco giant Philip Morris; we have also worked with luxury brands like Valentino, Versace, and more. Furthermore, we have been instrumental in producing and executing festivals and tradeshows.

C SOCIETY Agency creates one-of-a-kind experiences for clients that offer a unique branding platform to their targeted audience that will give them a taste of the high life.



We understand that social media and marketing can make or break your brand. That’s why our well-versed team carefully considers your brand’s personality, aesthetic, and target audience to create and run a social media presence that communicates your message loud and clear across various social media platforms, thereby maximizing your target audience and taking them on a trip they’ll never forget.

CBD luxury retailers


Retailers recognize the increasing demand for Cannabis-infused products and are looking to get involved in the industry. We have worked with some of the top chemists and formula specialists in the world and are confident in our ability to help you put out the best possible versions of your products. We have many established connections and can help Cannabis companies collaborate with other types of brands to create new products. C SOCIETY Agency will ensure that your Cannabis products are showcased in the best possible light through increased retail presence and recognition in a growing market.


We boast a wide range of retail connections and renowned interior decorators and would be thrilled to help you expand your network. Using our obtained knowledge and connections from past experiences, we build relationships between brands and the many retailers seeking to get involved with the growing Cannabis industry. We have access to a team of creative interior geniuses who will create an innovative retail space for selling your Brands. By doing these things, C SOCIETY Agency can elevate your company to new levels of recognition and selling potential!

cannabis food
Image by Warren Bobrow


We market all things food, including Cannabis-Related Chefs, recipes, and restaurants. We get involved with the best and latest in eating, and that has meant working more and more with Cannabis and understanding its new prevalence in the food industry. We can promote and establish your product or brand and increase your recognition in this ever-growing market. We have worked with The Chef Cartel, a Food + Product Brand Agency that lives and breathes lifestyle & hospitality. They also focus on unique, progressive marketing strategies for food and product clients, developing identities that speak to the souls of their brands.

C society-Niia magazine


As a company that’s been in publishing for 20 years, we feel that now is the time to explore and celebrate Cannabis Culture through our newest magazine. C Society featuring top Cannabis Brands, Food Products, Influencers, Lifestyle, and more, C SOCIETY Agency is where to look for the best and latest in all things cannabis-related.

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